All eyes are on Africa! According to the latest Project Management Institute PMNetwork Magazine it is projected that the GDP for Africa will “increase fivefold from US$640 billion in 2000 to US $3.7triillion in 2019”.  Africa’s compound annual growth rate between 2000 and 2013 surpassed advanced economies by 10.7% and the global average (6.5%). Africa is projected to continue this trend through to 2019 by 7.7% (vs. Global average 5.5%).

The number of megacities is projected to increase from currently 3 to 6 by 2030. Unfortunately the recent growth hasn’t been distributed equally throughout the 54 countries comprising the continent, as eleven countries make up 80% of Africa’s GDP. US$180 million is the number that is projected to be the annual infrastructure spend by 2025 in sub-Saharan countries. In 2017 in Africa it is projected that there will be an increase of smartphone connections, that’s 334 million connections.
All eyes are certainly on Africa; Think Global, Think Africa, Think Project Management.

Project Management in Developing Africa will be showcased at the PMI Africa Conference. The PMI Africa Conference will provide the industry’s best with the opportunity to network with leaders and practitioners demonstrating how well selected projects will drive Africa’s economy. It all starts with a project to deliver the above projections, organisations and governments delivering their strategies one successful project at a time. Africa is developing and growing at exponential rates, it’s time for all Africans to take the centre global stage and drive the global economy.

There will be ubiquitous obstacles, it is these obstacles that leaders and practitioners will need to solve together, the PMI Africa Conference will provide the platform for leaders and project management practitioners to network, share best practice and build on existing knowledge and expertise. The focus will be on the innovative and professional delivery of regionally relevant content that is valued by delegates, and aims to showcase the best of project management and demonstrate PMI leadership within the professional community of Africa.